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Drim Robotics is a control integrator. We are designing and developing systems for automated control of industrial machines, production lines, process environments and other automated appliances.

From beginning of 2017 we finally started the production of Protection Covers for Teach Pendants, shock absorbing, chemical resistant frame designed to protect teach pendants from damage if they are accidentally pulled from a work surface or dropped and keep you far from risks of loss production caused by their accidental damage.

Our History

Drim Robotics was established in 2013 as a combination of the individual experience of the four establishing partners. The experience is based on over 15-years of professional practice in various working environments. Our motto: ‘If it can be put in motion, we’ll do it’, is the heart and driving force of our company, which can offer its clients the services of highly qualified personnel. The work connected with robot programming ranges from element manipulation to MIG/TIG welding, plasma cutting and visual control with the application. Optimization of the work of automated production systems, the highest degree of flexibility and the ability to adjust to clients’ different production systems are the strengths of Drim Robotics.

Protection Covers

Fanuc J-30iB
Comau C5G
Comau C4G
Universal Robots

Based on long time experience on robot programming we understood how important is to keep safe a tool like a teach pendant, during the production time and, the most important part, during the commissioning.

With each type of Protection Cover we can provide also a Screen Protector to avoid the contact of the touch screen monitor with Glue, Dust, Oil just like people usually likes to do with their mobile phones, protecting something they really care, as we always do too.

Shock Absorbing Material
Manufactured from shock absorbing, chemical resistant, Elastomer, our Protection Cover guards the teach pendant from extreme manufacturing conditions and accidental falls.

Material Technical Sheet

Active Protection
Protection Cover protects the exposed components most often damaged when the pendant hits the ground.

Test of the terminal shockproof protection efficiency

Unique Design
Protection Cover are made to increase the safety of the teach pendant without drastically modify their shape and functionality.

Silicon Free
Silicone contamination is known to have a negative impact on assembly processes such as soldering, adhesive bonding, coating, and wire bonding. In particular, silicone is known to cause de-wetting of materials from surfaces and can result in adhesive failures. There are many sources for silicone contamination with common sources being mold releases or lubricants on manufacturing tools, offgassing during cure of silicone paste adhesives, and residue from pressure sensitive tape.

Silicon Free Declaration

Like an Hug
Protection Cover is like a warm hug, its design is accurated to bring strength where is needed.

Screen Protection

Protective Film for Touch Screen Teach Pendant

The use of this product will prevent from damage, dirty and risk of loss production, as well as with the use of Protection Cover.

Strong points

  • Anti Shock
  • Cushioning Impact
  • Anti Scratching
  • Protective Against Glue, Oil, Dust
  • Non-Adhesive